Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the equipment financing program work?

In order to offer our customers the best financing options available, we've implemented APPROVE financing technology. APPROVE makes it easy to receive and compare multiple financing offers from a network of the nation's top equipment finance companies. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Complete your application
Once you receive an equipment quote from your US Foods representative, applying for financing is easy. Simply visit our online finance application at From there you can enter the Job Reference # and Total Quote Amount from your US Foods equipment quote as well as your US Foods Rep's name to receive an estimated monthly payment amount and complete a simple application for financing.

Once submitted, your application is sent to the APPROVE Lender Network where the first three lenders to claim your application are given the opportunity to review and approve it.

Step 2: Review your approvals
Each time a lender approves your application, you'll receive an email with a link to review their finance offer. You may receive up to three competing offers and can easily compare them side-by-side.

Please Note: Some lenders may ask you for information that was not requested on the initial application. Providing this information maximizes your chances for approval and ensures you're getting the best rates available.

Step 3: Select your offer and sign your finance agreement
Click the link on any of the approval emails you received to open and review your offers side-by-side. When you're ready, choose the lender offer that best suits your business' needs. Your selected lender will send documents for your signature. Sign the docs to complete the finance process.

Am I obligated to move forward if my application is approved?

No. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline any or all offers that are presented to you by participating APPROVE lenders.

What are my chances of being APPROVED?

Each lender in the APPROVE Network has its own criteria for determining which applications will be approved. Using a network of lenders enables approvals for a wider range of business and credit profiles.

However, generally speaking, in the current economic environment, most lenders require:

  1. At least 2 years in business

  2. If less than 3 years in business, a personal guarantee from an owner with at least 51% ownership of the business and a minimum personal FICO score of 650

  3. Proof that revenue is currently being generated by the business

How long does it take?

The timing can vary. It is not uncommon to receive approvals in a matter of hours. The occasional delays are typically due to a lender's need for additional business information, so be on the lookout for these types of requests. As long as you provide the requested details promptly, approval decisions happen very quickly.

What is the advantage of working with a Network of Lenders?
Instead of working with one lender and wondering if you’re getting a good rate, APPROVE has gathered a network of the nation’s top equipment finance companies to create a powerful and versatile lender network. APPROVE uses historical data and sophisticated technology to match your application with the lender(s) best suited for your business type and credit profile in order to ensure you’re getting the lowest financing rates available. APPROVE’s Lender Network gives you:
  1. The highest chances for application approval
  2. The best rates available
  3. Faster turnaround times
Why should I consider financing if I have the cash now?

There's a variety of reasons why over 63% of all business equipment is financed including:

Conserve Your Cash
Conserving cash to cover expenses is huge for managing the ups and downs of business. Why deplete your cash reserves on large capital expenditures that can easily be financed when you can use that money for other investments in your business.

Pay as you Earn
Equipment generates revenue. That's why you buy it. Financing lets you align the investment with the income generated over the life of the equipment.

Manage Cashflow
Locking in fixed monthly payments helps you manage your books easier.

Tax Advantages
Ask your accountant about taking advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction for financed equipment. This gives you the ability to deduct the full value of the equipment the year you buy if that may make sense for your business.

Maximize Value
A common rule of thumb to maximizing profits and the overall value of your business is to own assets that appreciate (land, buildings) and lease/finance assets that depreciate (equipment). It is not the ownership of equipment that produces profit - it's the usage.