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View Real-Time Customer Finance Application Activity

View Real-Time Customer Finance Application ActivityOur #1 priority is helping APPROVE users sell more equipment. And thanks to user feedback, we're constantly fine-tuning the APPROVE platform to maximize its selling power.

Recently, we've had several APPROVE users tell us they would like to have more visibility into the status and progress of their customer finance applications. And as usual, our development team answered the call with a cool new feature.

Introducing the Finance Application Activity Feed

When in your APPROVE account, simply select any finance application and the Activity Feed for that application will appear in the right margin. Here you can view every single communication and action that's occurred which gives detailed insight into the progress that's been made, the current status of the application and any actions required to advance the application toward a converted sale.

Of course, the APPROVE Finance Operations team is always on top of every application, but now you can stay up to date on in real time without the need for unnecessary calls and emails.

This new feature offers APPROVE users an unprecedented level of visibility and control over financing opportunities. 

Thanks to all our APPROVE users for your valuable feedback!