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Your built-in equipment finance program

Whether you sell equipment through ecommerce, custom quotes, or brick-and-mortar stores, APPROVE embeds a seamless, efficient finance experience into every point of influence on the B2B equipment buyer's journey.

Meet your new financing platform


For Distributors

No more sending customers away to lender websites...this is YOUR finance program for your customers, tailored and embedded into your sales processes.

For Manufacturers

Our OEM Virtual Captive Finance Program can be configured and branded for direct sales, or as a valuable finance solution for your distributors to offer their customers.
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Financing options on your quotes

Whether you choose to use APPROVE’s quoting tool or stick with your existing quoting process, APPROVE quote integration technology makes it easy to include estimated monthly finance payments on every quote.


Financing plug-in on your website

After a simple implementation, your website can become an eCommerce powerhouse. APPROVE calculates and presents an estimated monthly finance payment next to every product. A single click activates a pre-filled, itemized application slider right on the product page. Your customer can apply in about 60 seconds without ever leaving your site!
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Financing links in email and texts

APPROVE’s Application Link Generator enables users to create an itemized, web-hosted finance application in about 20 seconds and generate a hyperlink to the application that can be included in emails, texts, quotes or anywhere else you might paste a link.


Financing options in your stores

Whether it’s mobile tablets at your store counter tops or scannable QR codes on equipment and signage, APPROVE presents affordable monthly payments at your in-store points of sale and makes it easy for customers to apply in about a minute.

Financing QR codes on spec sheets

APPROVE’s Application QR code generator spits out a QR code associated with an itemized equipment finance application. Add the QR code to the appropriate product spec sheet and customers can scan and apply with their smart phones in about a minute.

Financing on trade show floors

Many APPROVE customers place application QR codes on spec sheets, product signage and directly on equipment being showcased at industry trade shows. Booth visitors can apply on the spot in about 60 seconds with their smartphones.

What clients say

Approve's Impact

"First month Warrior Equipment has been teamed up with APPROVE Financing and this partnership has been nothing short of GREAT! Their ability to work deals in an efficient and effective manner for both the end consumer and Warrior Equipment has been outstanding. The communication has been easy and timely. We look forward to what the future will bring with APPROVE Financing."
Ray James, Business Development
Warrior Equipment
"APPROVE has become a great resource for our team. It has allowed us to provide our clients with more options and enabled our team to close more deals. We'll continue to use APPROVE to take care of our customers because it's such an easy tool for everyone on our team to access."
Greg Dunn, Digital Marketing Specialist
Advanced Geodetic Surveys, Inc.
"APPROVE allowed us to meet our customers on their terms, by offering financing directly on our site. Our end users now have multiple financing options at their fingertips, and can make informed decisions for their business."
Connie Hardy, VP of Marketing
National Flooring Equipment

Ready to get started?

Your built-in equipment finance program is ready and waiting.


Leica Geosystems Launches APPROVE Technology for Point-of-Sale Equipment Financing

Leica Geosystems announced today the launch of a new, tech-driven equipment financing solution for their eCommerce customers called, APPROVE.
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Driving Equipment Sales Growth Through Integrated Point-Of-Sale Financing

Robert Preville of KWIPPED urges financing providers to consistently promote financing options at every point of sale to both capture market share and increase sales success.

APPROVE Data Confirms Post-Pandemic Recovery Trend for Restaurant/Food Services Industry

Purchasing activity and financing approval rates in the foodservice equipment industry are rebounding at a rapid pace, evidence that restaurants are staging a strong comeback from the Covid-19 pandemic, according to data released this month by KWIPPED Inc.